About Hammada

Hammada Trade Co. is a construction industry supplier, global brand exclusive agent, and home solutions provider headquartered in Aleppo, Syria. A family enterprise serving the Syrian market since its founding in 1979, Hammada Trade Co. has 3 decades of experience in ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, wood installations, and household appliance sectors.

Our market responsiveness and proven performance have placed us among the ranks of Syria’s leading family-based enterprises and rendered Hammada Trade Co. a trusted name in its domains of practice. Global vision, professional team, quality products, and excellent service also make us one of the nation’s fastest growing companies.
Hammada Trade Co. serves wholesale and retail clients, locally and regionally. We operate B2C as well as B2B, being the preferred choice of dozens of prominent real estate developers, contracting companies, and engineers. Leading manufacturers rely on us to represent their products and register high sales while contractors, Architects and developers rely on us to provide their projects with the materials they need.
One firm, one family, and thousands of products to equip quality living, learning, and working spaces from A-Z… Welcome to Hammada Trade Co.


Our History

Founded in Syria in 1979, Hammada Trade Co. has a history that spans almost a half-century of experience in its field. Hammada Trade Co. is a family enterprise established by the Hamada family (Waleed, Jamal, the late Mohammad, and Yasser, sons of Omar Hamada) via private family funding.
In its first years, the company began trading in construction raw materials (cement, pipes, and reinforcement steel). Its work scope had expanded to include home interior installations (ceramic tiles, bath sets, and sanitary ware accessories), as the company began importing ceramic tiles and bath sets from Italy and cement and metallic pipes from Turkey.

The wholesale and retail sales center was initially a store no larger than 25sqm in area in the Bab Entakia market. In 1990, the company began trading in wood through a new outlet specialized in that domain. From 1985-1997, importation of ceramic tiles and sanitary wares ceased while trading with the remaining product types continued (cement, pipes, steel, and wood). In 1997, Hammada Trade Co. adopted a new commercial trading policy.It began pursuing exclusive Arab and international agencies, following the Syrian market liberalization that began in 1998, leading to market openness to Lebanon, the Arab countries, and the world.

As the third Hammada generation stepped into the company, Hammada Trade Co.’s domains of specialty witnessed diversification. The company came to have a branch and distributor network in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq as well as an expanded product range encompassing household appliances, kitchens, and all types of wood and parquet flooring.
The company’s scope of work further expanded to encompass education (through the establishment of Smart Way School or Madrasat Tariq An-Najah 2006).

Our Philosophy

Hammada Trade Co.’s vision is to become a global enterprise by building a worldwide branch network; excelling in terms of staff performance, customer care, and product diversity; and by adhering to required standards while delivering quality and excellent service. Beyond business, Hammada Trade Co. has non-commercial aspirations: social services as well as humanitarian and scientific projects, implemented via academic institutions and service centers and via cooperation with organizations concerned with serving humanity and society. The company also aims, through its merchandise and product selection, to make informed eco-friendly choices to help preserve the environment.

Our development strategy involves:

  • 1

    Demographic distribution and branch and sales center expansion for maximum reach and vicinity to all.

  • 2

    Acquiring the largest share of the construction and finishing materials market (by increasing our client base of traders, Architects contracting companies, and massive real estate projects).

  • 3

    Developing the company’s human resources through training programs and skills development.

  • 4

    Contributing to the country’s social development through sponsorship and aid.

Quality & Environment

Choosing our products is choosing guaranteed quality. We have offices staffed by specialists in inspecting merchandise at the country of origin (Italy, China, and the UAE) and prior to shipping, to avoid technical errors, problems, or defects.

Hammada Trade Co. does not import or handle any product lacking quality documentation and certificates, lacking verification and world-standard compliance certificates, or lacking acceptable specifications set for use by international companies.

Hammada Trade Co. works with environment-friendly products using alternative energy, recyclable materials, and products manufactured without recourse to environment-damaging or radioactive materials. Water supply equipment and the latest technologies are imported from leading German manufacturers of sanitary ware and bath sets.


Our People

Working with Hammada Trade Co. is working with professional people.

Some of our team’s qualifications…

  • Executive Board: Our Executive Board members have earned their diplomas from leading business management institutes in the UK.
  • Sales and Marketing Division: Our sales and marketing personnel have attended workshops targeting marketing and sales skills development and covering the latest customer service and customer care techniques.
  • Customer Feedback Division: This newly established division records and responds to customer comments and periodically communicates with customers to update them on the company’s latest developments (special offers, special occasions, discounts, arrival of new merchandise).
  • Customer Service Division: This division’s staff consists of technicians specialized in following up on product maintenance, repairing disorders, and solving any problems encountered by customers. The maintenance team is periodically sent to attend technical workshops in European and Chinese factories.
  • Accounting & Financial Management Division: Division staff regularly attends accounting workshops and remains up-todate on the latest field developments and accounting and financial management software.